Electrical Design & Installation

The electric facilities used for buildings and manufacturing are increasingly sophisticated and diversified in order to satisfy the needs for more convenience and energy security. Thai Semcon is always ready to provide technologies and engineering expertise that can satisfy any kind of the customers’ needs from planning and designing to engineering works of electrical facilities for power reception and transforming systems, as well as local power distribution system for a wide range of office buildings, commercial and facilities and industrial plants.

  • High Voltage

  • Transformer

  • UPS Room

  • Generator Room

  • Decorated Lighting

  • Out-door Lighting

  • High Mast

  • In-door Lighting

  • 115KV Substation and High voltage system
  • Low voltage sub-station (Distribution panel, Generator, UPS)
  • Power supply system for utilities and production
  • Illumination system (In-door, Out-door, decorated lighting, explosion proof)
  • Energy saving system.