Quality Assurance

We carry out thorough quality control based on the ISO standards. We guarantee customer satisfaction during all processes from planning and proposals to design, construction, and maintenance, in order to ensure reaching a level of quality that meets our more diversified customers' needs.

Our quality policy is "1st index customer satisfaction". We comply with the engineering standards and also supervised by expert Thai and Japanese. For reinforcement of quality process, we provide the weekly quality patrol which conducted by experienced team for inspection and advice in order to be a "Zero Defect".

Assure from begin to handover

  • Factory inspection: Equipment shall be inspected at factory while assembly process.
  • Preservation: Goods and material shall be proper prevented during installation stage.
  • Quality patrol: We deploy and patrol by expert team weekly through construction period.
  • In process test: No compromise on process testing.

Ensure on engineering - knowledge

  • Newcomer training: We provide an in-house training for new foremen and engineers for 3 months before get into on the job training. We have to ensure them obtained a basic engineering, standards, safety and also service mind and personality.
  • Engineering enhancement: We usually reinforce his skill & technique by several training curriculum;
    in-house or public seminar.

Thai Semcon’s text book

With accumulation of know-how, information and experience in several hundred projects, we have created our own engineering text books for transferring knowledge and improve a capability of staff from beginner to professional.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Thai Semcon has been certified for the ISO 9001:2008 by Japan Quality Assurance Organization for Electrical and Mechanical Construction Management.

(Exclude branch overseas)

Electrician Performance Test by the Department of Skill Development

Thai Semcon has been certified for the institute of Electrician Performance Test by the Department of Skill Development