Consistency and sustainability

We invested in the Technical Center in order to ensure that our employees and subcontractors would continuously obtain the knowledge and skills of M&E engineering. This center is containing the services of a Lecture room, Mockup & Workshop (Indoor & Outdoor). There are comprehensive curriculums of engineering from beginner to advance which are classified

The annual training plan, we have separate training to 5 group

  • Group-1

    New Foreman & CAD Operator

    Period 6 Month
    (Apr - Oct)

  • Group-2

    New Engineer

    Period 3-5 Month
    (Sep - Oct)

  • Group-3

    Promotion staff training

    Period 1 Month (Apr)

  • Group-4

    Annual training for all staff

    Period 12 Month
    (Apr - Mar)

  • Group-5


    As Requested by Jobsite

Curriculum for Employee

 Curriculum Engineer Draftsman Foreman Safety
Beginner 62 49 56 18
Skill Development 12 5 6 8
Advance & Update new 8 3 2 2
Management & Technique 10 3 3 3

Curriculum for Subcontractors

 Electrical System Mechanical System Safety
Basic Electric Circuit Welding Basic Safety For New Comer
Cable & Wire Connection Ducting Safety for High Place work
Cable Connection to Panel Board Painting Safety for Confine space
Embed conduit In Concrete Tap Threading Pipe Boom Lift Operator
Exposed Conduit Installation - CPR
Bending Conduit - Safety for Electrical work
Wire way & Trays installation - Fire Watch Man
Equipment & Devices installation - -

Labour skill testing Center

Electrical System Mechanical System
The company has been authorized by Department of Skill Development Ministry of Labor, to be a labor skill testing center for Electrician Level 1 electricians which provide services to the general public. The company has invited experts to test welding work from 2G - 6G, which will give a certificate for the person who passed the test according to each type.